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Not harder

Helping bloggers and online entrepreneurs build profitable location-independent businesses without overwhelm.


Your browser is overflowing with bookmarks of websites, webinars, podcasts, blog articles, and social media posts on how to start a blog, land on the next big idea, find your unique niche, define your ideal client, make your next (or first) 1K in the blink of an eye, and create a signature offer that sells like hotcakes.

On most days, you carve out time from your busy schedule, and with the best intentions, you do your best to finally get started on your own online business.

There's a slight problem, though - you have no idea where to start?!

You've heard you should only sell online courses because they're 'scalable', but your other favourite business blogger swears by their coaching clients and can't imagine a business without services.

You've heard email lists are important, but you've also heard you need a funnel to really get the most out of your list (whatever that means).

You've heard you need lead magnets to grow your list and that you're probably be better off using Facebook ads to speed up the lead generation process. 

But you've also heard some 'gurus' scream "Keep it organic!" in a blanket dislike for ads, only to then see them use ads themselves a couple of months later.

You know you need a website, but all your time is spent searching for cute graphics on Creative Market and consuming every heated WordPress vs. Squarespace debate in Facebook group threads. 

Your head's in a tizzy, and to be honest, it's been months since the idea first popped in your head, but your business doesn't exist yet.

It's just an expensive hobby and you're TIRED.

That's where I come in.
productivity tips for entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Audrika, a Business and Productivity Strategist for online entrepreneurs


I help women stuck in uninspiring jobs and stay-at-home moms build a fun and profitable online business that gives them the freedom to control their schedule, live life on their own terms, and create space in their lives for the people and things they love.

Most business advice out there focuses on either marketing tactics (the external work) OR personal productivity and mindset (the internal work) for growing a business. 

But by focusing on only ONE piece of the puzzle, most entrepreneurs miss out on the other equally, if not more, important ingredient of building a truly successful business.

That is why most online businesses never take off, and most people end up burning money and quitting their business before they even really get started. 

business strategies for online entrepreneurs
The not-so-secret 'secret' to a successful business

I started my own entrepreneurial journey as a website developer, before pivoting to courses on content strategy and productivity, and working with women who wanted to start their own business.

Through my own experience, and after struggling for months with growing my audience, I realised strategy wasn't enough. 

It was only when I focused on a mix of strategy, systems, productivity, and mindset that my business moved forward.

I combine the unique mix of online business strategy, tech systems, and productivity to not only give you a custom game plan on how to start your online business from scratch, but also help you find the time in your life to actually make it happen by prioritizing the goals and projects with the highest impact.

Why do I do this?

It is my mission to inspire and help women stuck in uninspiring jobs and stay-at-home moms build an online business that is unique to you (and your strengths) by working smarter, not harder.

Whether your dream is to earn a few extra thousand dollars per month or to build an empire of your own, I want to empower you to achieve your goals by sharing practical, holistic strategies.

I help online entrepreneurs work more effectively and grow their business without the overwhelm, no matter what stage you're at. 

You CAN build a successful business that brings you freedom with ease if you are strategic and intentional about your game plan and what you focus on. 


business strategy and productivity tips
How do I do this?
productivity tips for entrepreneurs

I focus on the mix of goal-setting, productive workflows, systems and automations, and effective business strategies to help online entrepreneurs be more productive and grow their business by working smarter, not harder.

If you're just starting out, I share the foundations of starting an online business that is set up to be profitable and scalable from Day 1. 

If you've been in the game for a while or haven't had much success in your business yet, I've got empire-ready content and business strategies to help you align your offerings with your ideal audience to finally turn your passion into a profitable business

And if you've been feeling burnt out and pulled in a hundred different directions, I share productivity tips, systems and automation workflows to manage your attention to get the right work done and to streamline your business you aren't overwhelmed or a cog in your own business.

I share what works online (all the good content and marketing stuff) and teach you how to do it such that you get major results in the least amount of time.

I offer done-for-you planning workbooks, masterclasses, printable worksheets, tech tutorials, and break down overused, seemingly complex concepts into bite-sized steps to help you #getstuffdone. For those who require a higher level of support and are looking for custom plans to grow their business, I offer 1:1 business and productivity strategy sessions.

So, what next?


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