Creative Circle - Edition 2: Blogging Wonders You Need to Follow

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Welcome to Creative Circle - a weekly series on DigitalMill where I'll be shining the spotlight on one creative entrepreneur I've recently discovered or am currently inspired by, along with 3 creative entrepreneurs you need to follow on Instagram. 

Chances they'll all be kicking ass and taking names? 
100% guaranteed.


I've been following The Blog Market since my (long-gone) days as a part-time food blogger, and after a serious following-cleanse, they're one of the few bloggers I still make a point to regularly check in with.

Written and run by Angela and Jennifer, The Blog Market is a community with resources and inspiration for creative bloggers. They cover subjects like blogging and small business advice, tech tutorials, and incredibly popular monthly calendar wallpaper downloads. 

Their content is a great mix of advice, inspiration, and actionable content, which means there's always something for everybody, whether you're looking for easy-to-follow Wordpress or CSS tutorials or mental support in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Check out four of my favourite articles on The Blog Market:
1. How to Create Gold Foil Text Using Only CSS
2. 4 Lesser Known Reasons Your Website Isn't Growing
3. 10 Quick Ways to Boost Your Blog's Pageviews
4. Breaking Blogging Rules Part II: The Importance of Visual Content (a perfect example of why I love following the Blog Market)

I love following them on Instagram, as well, and I recommend you jump on board for your regular dose of inspiration from two incredibly innovative and humble girls. 

Follow The Blog Market: Website | Instagram | Twitter


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