3 Steps to Smashing Out Blog Posts When You Don't Feel Like Writing

how to overcome blogging writer's block

My biggest challenge as a business blogger is blogging. I know, I know, what the what?!

Sometimes despite the best content ideas and noble intentions, it's a chore to type out the words, and before you know it, you're stuck in a loop of procrastinating and writing out blog posts an hour before you're scheduled to publish (because you do have a content posting schedule, right?).

I know I've been there often, and it's not just a prerogative of the "successful" bloggers, which means even if you're just starting out, the "blogging writer's block" is a very real thing.

So, here's my three-step strategy to get yourself out of the "I don't want to write / I don't know what to write" funk:

1) Think of your ideal brand persona and niche

You know it, kids - the best way to get out of the "writer's block" slump is to think of your ideal brand persona and your chosen niche.

When you know who you're serving (your ideal brand persona) and how (your niche) you're going to serve them, it makes it easier to get back on the content creation track.

Say you're a hand-lettering artist, and your ideal brand persona/reader and niche are to-be brides who're looking to DIY their wedding stationery. You also recently launched a free 'Introduction to Hand Lettering' course, you're looking to write up a blog post to share this new course, but you're well of post ideas is desperately dry!

If you haven't yet found your niche, I launched a FREE course - 'Niche Hunting for Beginner Infopreneurs' - to help you identify a profitable niche for your business and build the foundation for a successful online business. We go into the difference between a target market and a niche, and the different strategies to find a unique and profitable niche (including the 'compare and contrast formula'). Enroll for free now!

So what do you do?

You think back to your ideal brand persona and niche - to-be brides who're looking to DIY their wedding stationery - and think of the most common concerns, questions, or problems they may have (note: these should be topics you haven't yet written about) and pinpoint one of the most pressing issues that you can legitimately talk about.

For your hand-lettering business, some post ideas may revolve around X number of exercises brides can do to improve their hand-lettering, X number of obstacles brides face while hand-lettering their stationery and how to overcome them, inspiration round-up of different hand-lettering styles for brides to use on their stationery.

ACTION POINT: Think of your ideal brand persona and niche and pinpoint one post idea that would either solve a problem, answer a question, or inspire and inform them about something that interests them.

2) Put pen to paper

Cool, now that you have a post idea, it's time to act! Don't let the inspiration juices go to waste - grab a notebook and write down your post title / topic.

I know it's more common to open Word, Evernote, WordPress or Squarespace, and just start typing, but let's go old school here.

I'm a firm believer that putting pen to paper has a magic that gets you more creative, focused, and productive. I don't have scientific sources, but everytime I struggle with a lack of inspiration or focus, my go-to weapon is simple ol' pen and paper to get my idea juices flowing and increase productivity.

ACTION POINT: So that's what I want you to do - once you've put pen to paper, and the post title written down, you need to sketch out a basic outline of what you're going to include in the blog post.

Keep it simple, stick to bullet points, and make a mindmap, if you're the more visual type.
If you've got multiple points or subheadings in your article, flesh it out by writing a small summary of what each point will include or convey.

3) Zone out and start typing (on my favourite writing tool)

Right, now that you have a blog post idea and an outline, it's time to get back to your computer and start writing, finally!

Now here's my golden tip: www.zenpen.io.

Skip the Evernote, Word, Pages, or any other favourite text editor of yours, and head over to ZenPen - a minimalist online writing tool that is the bomb dot com.

Seriously, guys, this is the secret to becoming a lean mean writing machine.

With a light and dark writing mode, it's a simple, no-fuss writing tool that really does help you focus and get the job done!

zenpen free online minimalist writing tool
zenpen free online minimalist writing tool

I crank out blog posts, email letters (including this one!), course content, and just about any content I ever need to write.

My favourite features? The ability to download your text, so that you have a copy on your own laptop, and the fact that you don't have to download any program to begin using it, that it's free, and that it automatically saves the content you've written, and even when you return to it later after having closed the tab, the last written content is still there.

Leave distraction at the door, and get your blog post written. Done and dusted, and how!

Next time you're facing a writing block, give this a try, and let me know if it works just as well for you!

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