How to Find the Ideal Brand Persona For Your Online Business If You're Just Starting Out

If you’re even half familiar with the world of online business, you know just how important it is to discover your ideal client profile or the ideal brand persona. When you’re just starting out, and there’s plenty of choices to be made, ranging from your website to the content you produce, it helps to have a clear vision on who you’re targeting or who you’re speaking to. 


What is an ideal brand persona?

Think of your ideal brand persona as the one person you’re speaking to as a brand. The ideal brand persona embodies the “character” that represents your brand and its message, and who already loves your brand because they can relate to it so well. 

They’re the one person for whom you’ll be creating all the content, services, and products that you may put out. If you make them more personable, you can associate feelings and habits with them, which makes it possible for you to that information as guidance when you need to make decisions on the kind of content that will serve them best, or in creating products and services that will be most useful for them.

Why is it important to find an ideal brand persona for your business?

When you avoid creating the ideal brand persona, you miss the opportunity to target a group of people that already want what you have to offer, and along with it, you miss the opportunity to create a profitable business. In creating an ideal brand persona, you know that any content or product you create will be useful and therefore, it will sell. 

And we all know, if people aren’t consuming your content or you aren’t making sales, your business is dying. 

Creating an ideal brand persona can be an empowering exercise because in doing so you create an identity around your brand that is attractive for your ideal customer from the get go, and it can help your customers relate better to your brand, which makes the decision to work with you and buy from you also much more personable and likely. 

Quite like finding your niche, creating an ideal brand persona makes content and product creation a breeze and it also establishes you as a reliable expert in the field and makes you trustworthy. 

How to find the ideal brand persona

So when you answer questions about your ideal brand persona, you’re in essence creating your ideal client or customer. 

What are their biggest concerns and problems, what are their main ambitions, what are they afraid of, how do they spend their time, what are their main indulgences, and others? 

Questions about their personality, mentality, and feelings helps gain insight into the best way to find others like them (i.e., your ideal customers), where they hang out, how to speak to them, what to say to them, and what to offer them so that you know you can both help them and make consistent sales.

It also creates a scenario where instead of trying to speak to everyone and not being heard by anyone, you can focus on one sort of person or group of people, and with that focus, comes the promise of better content, services, and products that are highly relevant for your audience. 

If you’re new, and don’t have an established business yet, one of the easiest way to think of your ideal brand persona is to think of the ideal person you would love to have as a client or a customer.


Use the questions in the workbook that accompanies this post to explore and gain a proper sense of who your ideal brand persona is. Give them a name. Then, use the ideal brand persona as your compass when you're making any business decisions, and you’ll be well on your way to nurturing an engaged audience and laying the foundation for a profitable business.



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