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Productivity Power Pack is an actionable masterclass for online business owners and bloggers who want to set goals that align with their vision, learn to prioritize their work, manage their time better, get more results in less time, and make space in their schedule for the things they love, all while intentionally growing their impact and income in business.

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🔥 Build routines that set you and your business up for success

The idea for the vision journal was an inspiration lightbulb that propelled me forward into finally allowing myself to be visible. I had never heard of anyone making anything other than a vision board, and I wanted to create something more portable (so my vision is never out of reach). I LOVE what you are doing, I am pumped to dive in, and THANK YOU.
— Ashley S.

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Hi, I'm Audrika, a Business and Productivity Strategist for online entrepreneurs

I help women stuck in uninspiring jobs and stay-at-home moms build fun and profitable online businesses by working smarter, not harder, so that you have the freedom to control your schedule, live life on your own terms, and create space in your lives for the people and things you love.

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Set effective goals for the new year, identify and prioritize your most important projects and tasks, schedule work that really matters, create to-do lists that actually work, build smart routines that increase your focus,
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