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If you’re even slightly familiar with online marketing, you know you’ve landed on what’s called the “Tripwire” page.
(If you didn’t, now you do!)

For years, I heard marketing guru’s talk about how we HAD TO offer a low-cost offer immediately after
signing up to encourage new readers and subscribers to get into the habit of buying from us, to get them acquainted
with how we teach, and to add value and build the know-like-trust factor.


I put up my best-selling business planning and productivity course, Productivity Power Pack, for sale
at a ridiculous 85% off (From $197 to a mere $29 😁😭)

And it sucked.

Because here’s what happened -
1. The low price meant people didn’t really feel the need to make the most of their purchase and the course,
3. Those that did put aside time for the course, didn’t always see it through till the end,
3. Worst of all, I heavily
undercharged and undervalued the life-changing content that’s in the course

If I undervalued my own content, how could I expect the students to value it?

Without saying it in as many words, I was telling everyone who came to this page that my course
wasn’t actually as great as I know it is, and it wouldn’t actually change their lives in the way
I know it will.

You see, when we slash prices off of our courses, ebooks, and coaching packages,
we’re actually implying that those buying it just care about the price.

And not about the transformation.
Not about the freedom.
Not about the impact.

Here’s the truth: my business planning and productivity course, Productivity Power Pack is just that:


Using my custom three-pillar strategy, I help you to grow your business and income by:

✨Identifying your deepest desires and setting goals you'll actually achieve,
✨Organizing your schedule so that you remove overwhelm, work less, get more done, and free up time for the things and people you love most.
✨Prioritizing the projects that create the biggest impact and income and cutting out the extra fat, and
✨Build easy habits and routines that set you up for life-long success and make you truly happy

This is life and business-changing content.

All you need to do is do the work + follow the strategy

productivity for entrepreneurs

How much would reducing overwhelm, getting clear on your goals,
and having a clear custom business plan for maximum
impact and income be worth for you?

I know the value of my content and my course, and I know that by selling it for peanuts is doing neither of us a service.

I also know that I could sell this exact course for at least $997, because unlike most courses out there,
it’s a holistic plan and probably all you need to have a strong foundation for a profitable business.


Normally I sell this course for only $197, and on this page, you can get it for $111
(Yes, that’s an angel number for good luck and good vibes - because I love it!)


The reason there’s a timer is because we’re humans, and humans work well on a deadline.
This is no fluff, and no marketing tactic. It works, and you’ll learn more about it in the course too (for goal-setting)

The reason for the reduced price is simple: I want to incentivize you for taking quick action.
It’s not so ridiculously low either that I do you a disservice by setting you up for failure because I know you
won’t bother taking action and will leave it on the (metaphorical) shelf with other low-priced courses you bought.

Sure, $111 is a steal for changing your life and business, but I know its high enough
to get your attention and for you to take action.

That’s all that matters.

This offer will disappear in 15 minutes and won't appear anywhere else.

You could wait another 30 days, by which time the cookie will be cleared from your browser, and you’ll see this offer again,

But do you really want to wait another 30 days, a whole month,
to transform your life and business, set better goals, cut overwhelm
from your life, and work only on the tasks and projects that
create impact and income?


Save 44% and put the actionable masterclass to use right away >>


If you love details, here's what's inside the Productivity Power Pack


Productivity Power Pack is a comprehensive online course for online business owners and bloggers who want to earn back at least 2 hours a day, learn to prioritize their work, free up time in their schedule for the things they love, all while intentionally growing their impact and income in business.

The masterclass will help you be more productive and overcome overwhelm with no-fluff, bite-sized actionable strategies that you can put to use immediately to

The idea for the vision journal was an inspiration lightbulb that propelled me forward into finally allowing myself to be visible. I had never heard of anyone making anything other than a vision board, and I wanted to create something more portable (so my vision is never out of reach). I LOVE what you are doing, I am pumped to dive in, and THANK YOU.
— Ashley S.

🔥 Get clear on the most important and effective business goals for YOU and your business (clarity is the most underrated factor in personal productivity!)
🔥 Make a plan of action to achieve those goals with the ✨✨Magic of 3's (the secret sauce) ✨✨
🔥 Leverage productivity strategies to get more done in less time (“tools” don’t make you productive, strategies do)
🔥 Find your focus and set yourself up for success when you
🔥 Beat the procrastination monster, and
🔥 Build routines that set you and your business up for success



by finally cutting the fat from your business, and only focusing on the goals, tasks, and projects
that add value, reach your ideal customers, and create abundance through your business.

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